Skyhunter, Crownchasers, and 99 Other YA Science-Fiction Novels

a pinkish comic strip reading "101 Sci-Fi Novels" with a little illustration of two planets and the corner of a sun.

Science-fiction is one of my favorite genres, in part because of how one day, in the future, maybe it can be real. There's such a huge breadth to sci-fi as a genre, ranging from clones to space to alien invasions to robot dogs. Yes, magic is cool, but something just as cool as magic is… Continue reading Skyhunter, Crownchasers, and 99 Other YA Science-Fiction Novels

Not Quite Human: A New Wave of Vampire & Werewolf Fiction

A comic strip of two panels, one of a furry ear and one of an open mouth with fangs. A handwritten caption reads "not quite human."

Trends come and go for books, especially as some titles get popular and spur publishing to welcome more books with similar themes and tropes. One of the most notable in young adult literature is the vampire, werewolf, and other paranormal creature trend, largely spurred by Twilight and other novels during that era. Before I continue… Continue reading Not Quite Human: A New Wave of Vampire & Werewolf Fiction