Queer Book Recommendations with Colorful Spines

In preparation for Pride Month next month, and to help ward off any foolery, I've curated a list of 28 already published fiction LGBTQ+ books with colorful spines to use in your book rainbow stack photographs! I've read a lot of these & enjoyed them or I have them on my TBR! And just to… Continue reading Queer Book Recommendations with Colorful Spines

Book Ratings, Countability, and . . . Languages? (3 of 3)

a salmon-colored comic of three boxes. the first, labeled 1, has a girl's collarbone with a star necklace hanging down. the second, labeled 2, has a hand with two fingers pointing up. the third, labeled 3 and circled, shows a girl's slightly open mouth. the handwritten caption reads "Book Ratings. Countability. Languages."

Before we get into it, fun aside for how the 5-stars-or-nothing switch is going: I didn't realize how long it would take to edit ratings and reviews for 800+ books on Goodreads but it is admittedly taking a while. Part of it is that the Goodreads system is clunky and hasn't changed in a long… Continue reading Book Ratings, Countability, and . . . Languages? (3 of 3)