What I Like About You: Romance, Cupcakes, & Fake Book Blogs

a comic in salmon of three panels: A cupcake on a shelf, a phone and a pencil open to the blog One True Pastry, and three books stacked on top of each other with two titles: Fireflies & You and Read Between the Lines. It is captioned in handwriting "What I Like About You - Marisa Kanter"

You might have seen this teased on my Twitter, but today, the book birthday of Marisa Kanter's bookish romance, What I Like About You, I'm so excited to share a project I've been working on for a while. What I Like About You is a sweet YA contemporary romance about Halle, a Jewish teen book… Continue reading What I Like About You: Romance, Cupcakes, & Fake Book Blogs

Book Ratings, Countability, and . . . Languages? (2 of 3)

a salmon-colored comic of three boxes. the third is blank but the first, labeled 1, has a girl's collarbone with a star necklace hanging down. the second, circled and labeled 2, has a hand with two fingers pointing up. the handwritten caption reads "Book Ratings. Countability. Languages."

I've begun to struggle with the concept of tracking books. There's a strong desire to count books within the book community. To track what you've read, to track what genre the book is, whether it's diverse, whether the author is diverse, and so on. And it makes a lot of sense. It's useful to analyze… Continue reading Book Ratings, Countability, and . . . Languages? (2 of 3)